Lecture by Prof. O.M. Faltinsen, November 22nd

This lecture by Prof. O.M. Faltinsen, from NTNU AMOS, Trondheim, Norway, on November 22nd, 10h15, Amphitheater A, Ecole Centrale de Nantes

Le 22 novembre 2019 de 10:15 à 23:59

Le 22 novembre 2019 de 10:15 à 23:59

This seminar is entitled:

Hydrodynamic and structural aspects of marine aquaculture

Prof. Faltinsen is probably the most recognized academic in the field of Hydrodynamics and Marine Structures today, with major contributions to the hydrodynamics of displacement ships, high-speed crafts, offshore structures and fish farms including the effect of hydroelasticity.

Prof. Faltinsen is elected member of Norwegian Academy for Technical Sciences, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters, corresponding member of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, foreign member of the National Academy of Engineering, USA and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

A resume of this lecture can be download here.
And his full CV may be found here:  https://www.ntnu.edu/employees/odd.faltinsen
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