Directeur site SEM-REV

Centrale Nantes is a French Education and Research establishment with a strong focus on mechanical engineering. One of its research fields concerns marine and ocean engineering, supported by several CNRS Labs (hydrodynamics, structures, materials, soil mechanics and robotics), large experimental facilities (wave tanks, wind tunnel) and a supercomputing facility.

In this context, the CNRS LHEEA Lab, has developed considerable expertise in Marine Renewable Energy (WEC, FOWT, MCT) over the last 25 years as a partner in European and international projects and networks. To complete its research means and expertise, Centrale Nantes launched the development of a multi-technology offshore test site (SEM-REV) in 2007 for MRE testing in real conditions. SEM-REV development has been co-funded by Europe (ERDF), the French government, the Pays de la Loire Region, the Loire Atlantique area and the CNRS.

SEM-REV is now operational with generic permits obtained in 2014 to test WEC, FOWT and their components. Several collaborative research projects have been launched since 2012 and the first large scale demonstrators will be installed in 2017. SEM-REV is also part of the test facilities of the French THEOREM infrastructure, launched in 2016 by Centrale Nantes and Ifremer. Project development and test site maintenance are managed by a specific team in the LHEEA Lab, composed of about 8 full time technicians and research engineers from different fields of expertise, based in Le Croisic and Nantes.

To support the next step of the SEM-REV development, Centrale Nantes is now recruiting the manager for its SEM-REV offshore test site
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