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The aerodynamic wind tunnel is being extended

To allow for the analysis and control of flows around obstacles such as aerodynamic blade profiles for applications such as Marine Renewable Energies, the aerodynamic wind tunnel is undergoing renovation.

on December 14, 2017

To continue improving this test facility, the wind tunnel is currently undergoing work to extend and renew its instrumentation. More precisely, in the context of the ROTOR OPTIM project, the test section of the wind tunnel is being extended by 2 metres. This will allow aeraulic disturbances to be introduced upstream of the test section, thus reproducing controlled unsteady and turbulent wind conditions at the tunnel entrance.  The impact of the atmosphere on aerodynamic surfaces can thus be studied.

The yellow sections have just been added. A few weeks of additional work will be needed to rebuild the tunnel, secure it for PIV measurements and repaint it completely! The tunnel will then once more be able to receive small scale obstacles such as cylinders or wing profiles to carry out the DAUC research group's projects.


Work in progress:


More photos of the improvements will be published on the site as work progresses!

Published on December 13, 2017 Updated on December 14, 2017