Director: David LE TOUZÉ (

​Deputy Director: Guillaume DUCROZET (

Administration director: Soulia BENTOUHAMI (

Financial manager: Clémence GABORIEAU (

Research groups

Dynamics of Urban and Coastal Atmosphere (DAUC)
Head: Carlo COSSU (
DAUC staff

Interfaces & Interactions in numerical & Experimental Hydrodynamics (IIHNE)
Head: Benjamin BOUSCASSE (
IIHNE staff

Numerical Modelling in Hydrodynamics for Health and Engineering (MÉLUHSINE)
Head: Guillaume OGER (

Modelling of Incompressible Turbulent Flows at High Reynolds numbers and Couplings (METHRIC)
Head: Emmanuel GUILMINEAU (

Decarbonization & depollution of energy systems (D2SE)
Head: Pascal CHESSÉ (
D2SE staff

Test facilities groups

Ocean tank
Head: Jérémy OHANA (
Ocean tank staff

Head: Yves PERIGNON (
SEM-REV staff

Engine and vehicle test benches
Head: Nicolas PERROT (
Engine and vehicle test benches staff

Wind tunnels
Head: Laurent PERRET (
Wind tunnels staff

Research support

Secretary-managers: Sonia LAMBERT ( / Élodie LIZÉ ( LERMA  (
IT: Vincent DEGAT ( / Mathieu COURCELLE (
Training correspondent: Pascal KERAVEC (
Communications officer: Sandrine JAMET (
Published on March 21, 2017 Updated on November 9, 2022