Recirculating canal


This canal has a 2 m-wide test section, approximately 10 m in length. Maximal water depth is about 1.10 m.

Part of the test section is equipped with side glass walls (1.6 m wide), allowing visual observation of the flow, as well as the measurement, for example using laser velocimetry, of fluid particles velocities. In this section, a glass window is also present on the floor, for the same applications. Maximal current velocity in this canal is 2 m/s.


  • Working length 10.0m
  • Width 2.0m
  • Depth 0 – 1.1m
  • Working length with 2m glass walls (One on each side, and one on the bottom)

Preparation area:

A large preparation area (10 x 10m) is dedicated to the assembly and the preparation of the tests.

Overhead crane:

The overhead crane covers the central area of the basin, as well as the preparation area. It features a 2.5 ton hoist. The maximum clearance is 6.50m from the ground.

Main features


The current maximum velocity is 2.0 m/ s.


  • QUALISYS trajectory motion capture system (Aerial and submarine)
  • Resistive, capacitive and ultrasonic wave sensors
  • 1D current meters
  • 2 component laser Doppler velocimeter
  • 3 component Acoustic Doppler velocimeter
  • Test setup for propellers testing for marine propulsion applications
  • Synchronized HD video system (Air and Underwater)
  • Acquisition and analysis systems (Matlab, LabVIEW, RTMaps)
Published on March 29, 2017 Updated on January 21, 2021