Engine and vehicle test benches

The D2SE group research Nantes has three means of engine testing, used both in academic research and for contractual applications.

Engine test benches:

The team has 7 machines to test the thermal engines: 3 dynamic machines of 250 kW, capable of reproducing driving cycles, and 4 eddy current brakes dedicated to the study of engines in stationary operation. These test benches have specific instrumentation such as crankshaft position sensors, cylinder pressure sensors, fuel scales and emission measurement bays.
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Turbocharger test benches:

These benches allow for the testing of different elements of thermal engines in a controlled environment. In this framework the equipment can test turbochargers, cylinder heads, throttle bodies, elements of thermoelectricity ...
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Vehicle test benches:

This test bench provides the capacity to test a whole 4-wheel drive vehicle in dynamic operation. It can be used to replace road tests with reproducible tests in a controlled environment. It can test vehicles with a power output of 260 kW per axle.
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Published on March 28, 2017 Updated on February 28, 2024