Shallow water tank



20m x 9.5m x 1m


Two mobile and motorized footbridges overlook the shallow water tank. They are used for the installation of equipment or instruments.

Preparation area:

A large preparation area (10 x 10m) is dedicated to the assembly and the preparation of the tests.

Overhead crane:

The overhead crane covers the central area of the towing tank, as well as the preparation area. It features a 2 ton hoist. The maximum clearance is 6.50m from the ground.
The tank is equipped with a wave maker (unidirectional waves only). Opposite the wave generator, a passive wave absorber is installed.


  • QUALISYS trajectory motion capture system (Aerial and submarine)
  • Resistive, capacitive and ultrasonic wave sensors
  • Synchronized HD video system (Air and Underwater)
  • Acquisition and analysis systems (Matlab, LabVIEW, RTMaps)
Published on March 29, 2017 Updated on January 21, 2021