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GDR EMR Workshop on 2 July 2020: MRE & POWER-TO-X Challenges and Opportunities

The GDR EMR is organising an online workshop on 2 July on "Renewable Marine Energies & Power-to-X: Challenges and Opportunities"

On July 2, 2020 All day

The objective of this workshop is to introduce the scientific and technical community of marine renewable energies to the issues and prospects of energy recovery by electrochemical conversion processes (hydrogen, power-to-gas, power-to-liquid), which could constitute an alternative to grid connection for the export of energy production.

Indeed, at present, only 40% of annual primary energy production is used to generate electricity. The remaining 60% corresponds to the production of fuels, chemical products and raw materials for transport, construction and industry.

One possible way to decarbonise these sectors is to produce decarbonised or carbon-neutral fuels, chemicals and raw materials from renewable electricity using power-to-gas (P2G) or power-to-liquid (P2L) processes. This includes, for example, the production of green hydrogen by electrolysis of water from electricity produced by offshore wind turbines, but also the production of methane by methanation, etc.

Through presentations by experts from academia and industry, this workshop will provide an overview of the most advanced technologies and present examples of pilot installations.


Published on October 13, 2021 Updated on October 13, 2021