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FARWIND Energy, a LHEEA spin-off!

Farwind is developing a solution for converting offshore hydroelectric energy into renewable fuel. Created by Aurélien Babarit, Félix Gorintin and Arnaud Poitou, Farwind emerged from the FARWIND research project conducted at LHEEA since 2016.

on September 23, 2020

Un voilier-hydrolienne FARWIND
Un voilier-hydrolienne FARWIND

The start-up offers a "packaged" solution for the production of clean energy, available on demand. A wind-powered vessel, under which a high-powered tidal turbine is installed, converts the ship's kinetic energy into electricity. Depending on the market of distribution, this electricity is stored on board in batteries or converted into hydrogen or liquid fuel (methanol).

FARWIND vessels are autonomous and operated remotely from a control centre. A single 80m vessel sailing in 15-knot winds produces 1 MW of electricity.

The start-up, which is now based at the Centrale-Audencia-Ensa incubator, was awarded the In Extenso prize at the 20th edition of Start West. FARWIND is looking for potential investors as part of the current funding round.

> https://farwind-energy.com/

Published on September 24, 2020 Updated on September 24, 2020