Centrale Nantes and the America's Cup: onboard software and an alumni in the French Team

The 35th edition of the America's Cup began at the end of May in Bermuda. The FINE ™ / Marine software from NUMECA Int. is being used by two of the challengers, Groupama Team France and Emirates Team New Zealand as well as by the holder of the title - Oracle Team USA. Centrale Nantes is also proud to count an alumni, Olivier Herledant, amongst the members of Team Groupama France.

on June 14, 2017

Flow calculation software for navigation

Research conducted over several years by the METHRIC research team of the LHEEA Laboratory (Centrale Nantes/CNRS) led to the development of the ISIS-CFD calculation code.

This flow calculation software is used for the numerical modeling of turbulent flows of incompressible viscous fluids around geometries of arbitrary complexity. The interest of the software lies in its various fields of application and especially in the maritime sector for design and optimization. In the specific context of the America's Cup, flow calculation software is used by the teams for both the boats' aerodynamics and foil hydrodynamics.

For this 35th edition, two of the five challengers (SoftBank Team Japan, Artemis, Team France, Ben Ainslie Racing, Team New Zealand) and holder of the title - Oracle Team USA - are using FINE ™ / Marine (Groupama Team France, Team New Zealand and Oracle Team USA). ISIS-CFD is even involved in the final, as Team New Zealand and Oracle Team USA are still in the race, as of the date of publication.


Team Groupama France, an alumni in the crew

Olivier Herledant, Centrale Nantes alumni, is one of the Team Groupama France crew.  Already passionate about sailing, he graduated in 2004 and pursued a doctorate until 2011. Find out more about Olivier Herledant
  • Footage of the Team Groupama France
Published on June 15, 2017 Updated on July 9, 2020