Software for Numerical Simulations of Incompressible Turbulent Free-Surface Flows

Propulsion par POD dans un champ de vagues (Projet Européen STREAMLINE)
Since the 90’s, the research teamMETHRIC, of the Research Laboratory in Hydrodynamics, Energy and Atmospheric Environment (LHEEA, CNRS/Centrale Nantes), carry out research leading to the development of the CFD code ISIS-CFD.

This software environment aims to the numerical simulation and modelling of turbulent flows for incompressible viscous fluids around geometries of arbitrary complexity.

This numerical tool is constantly evolving with the progress in physical modelling and algorithms used to represent complex physical phenomena.

The interest of the software is in its diverse application fields and particularly in the maritime sector for conception and optimization.

Since 2005, a valorization action is conducted under the auspices of Centrale Nantes and CNRS through the FIST SA branch of CNRS and BPIfrance.

An international distribution, initially began in 2006 is assured by NUMECA International Company with the FINE(TM)/Marine suite in which ISIS-CFD is the flow solver. 
Published on April 11, 2017 Updated on April 11, 2017