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Aurélien Babarit will take part in the program "Le labo des savoirs" on October 12, 2019.

Aurélien Babarit, researcher at the LHEEA, will speak in the program "Le labo des savoirs" this Saturday, October 12 as part of the Fête de la Science.

on October 12, 2019

As part of the 2019 Science Festival and the Museum's "Transformations" theme, the Knowledge Lab offers a public broadcast, recorded in the very heart of the Natural History Museum.

Wind power, photovoltaic, solar power... These new techniques are designed to replace fossil fuels.

The future ecological transition will not happen without a renewal of the energy mix. From the manufacture to the consumption of these resources, which ones are really "clean"?
Published on October 12, 2019 Updated on November 12, 2020