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A look back at the EAWE PhD Student Seminar

The 15th EAWE PhD seminar on wind energy in Europe was held at Centrale Nantes from 29 to 31 October 2019.

on November 5, 2019

This seminar brought together 108 participants, including 90 PhD students from 16 different countries. The 3-day event allowed them to exchange knowledge and experience in wind energy research.

Mainly organized by Centrale Nantes PhD students, the seminar offered participants the opportunity to present their research work during lectures and exhibitions.

The PhD students were also able to visit some of the test facilities at Centrale Nantes, related to offshore wind, such as wind tunnels and ocean tanks.

On the final afternoon, participants were able to choose between visiting the CSTB's climate wind tunnel and a boat trip to SEM-REV, Centrale Nantes's offshore test site, where the floating wind turbine, Floatgen, is currently operating.


Published on November 5, 2019 Updated on February 17, 2021