Understanding hydrofoil simulation in 5 minutes, a video made by a LHEEA intern

Jules Richeux undertook an internship in the Research Laboratory in Hydrodynamics, Energetics & Atmospheric Environment (Centrale Nantes and CNRS) on the numerical simulation of hydrofoils. He explains it all by video and immediately the challenges become clear!

on October 17, 2022

Racing yachts are a real hotbead of innovation for researchers, engineers and architects. As part of a partnership with Centrale Nantes, ENSTA Bretagne, the École Navale, Ifremer and the Carnot Institute, Jules Richeux, a naval engineering student, has been working on the automatic simulation of hydrofoil boats.

What exactly does this involve? And why is it important today? Watch the video to find out:



Jules did his internship in the METHRIC research group under the supervision of Jeroen Wackers.
Published on October 19, 2022 Updated on October 19, 2022