The LHEEA is recruiting a PhD student for a thesis on: "Turbocharger turbine modeling at off-design operating conditions"

Turbocharging allows using engines in better operating conditions and reducing polluting emissions including carbon dioxide. The use of a turbocharger requires knowledge of the functioning of each of its elements, in particular the turbine, in the manufacturer’s map area but also outside this area, at off-design conditions, in particular to calculate the efficiency.

on April 7, 2020

The objective of this thesis is to propose a method for extrapolating the characteristic curves of turbocharger turbine performance maps (flow and efficiency curves). This extrapolation method will be based on standard characteristic curves (supplied by the manufacturer) and on a digital test bench (CFD) to perform calculations on turbochargers of different categories: radial or mixed turbochargers, axial turbines for industrial and marine applications. The method developed will be validated by tests carried out on the laboratory test benches.


You must apply on the Doctoral School website before the deadline of 24/04/2020. Only applications submitted on the doctoral school website will be taken into account:
Published on April 7, 2020 Updated on April 7, 2020