Full-scale testing of HelioRec's floating solar technology in the Ocean Engineering Tank

Last July, the Hydrodynamic and Ocean Engineering Tank at Centrale Nantes, managed by the LHEEA, hosted testing on floating solar panels for the first time. This technology is being developed by the company HelioRec.

on October 19, 2021

HelioRec is building a floating solar power plant. In order to boost the development of its technology, the company has worked with Centrale Nantes and its LHEEA laboratory, on several stages of the project, including the wave tank tests.

Research engineers from Centrale Nantes were involved in the specifications for the test campaign with HelioRec, the aim being to create a test campaign consistent with the technology development plan. The testing campaign will improve knowledge on the technology and contribute to the validation of the numerical models developed by INNOSEA, an engineering firm specialising in Marine Renewable Energies and a Centrale Nantes spin-off.

The tank team carried out the necessary studies to dimension the full-scale floating solar model and to integrate the monitoring equipment specifically developed for this model. The tank team and HelioRec had the model built. The tests took place over two weeks in the Hydrodynamic and Ocean Engineering Tank last July. The model was tested under different wave conditions, with direct monitoring of  platform movements, the mooring forces and the internal loads between the floaters.

Discover the highlights of the tests at Centrale Nantes:

For the development of its technology, HelioRec benefited from the European funding programme Marine Energy Alliance and support from the BPI.



Published on October 19, 2021 Updated on February 16, 2024