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Tank testing for the Blue Growth Farm Project

The "Blue Growth Farm" project involves the development of a multi-purpose offshore platform which will accommodate an aquaculture system, a wind turbine and wave-power systems.

from September 24, 2019 to October 25, 2019

Tank tests were carried out in October 2019 to prepare for the offshore testing of a 1 / 15th scale demonstrator and to validate a coupled aero-hydro-servo-elastic digital model.

This study was carried out in the ocean engineering tank at Centrale Nantes. The tank staff designed and mounted a 1 / 40th scale model of the platform which included nets, a wind turbine and oscillating columns. The model was anchored by four overhead lines and underwent tests combining different swell and wind conditions.

Particular attention was paid to the influence of each subsystem on the platform's movements, as well as on the movements of water in fish cages.

Blue Growth Farm is an H2020 European Project.
Published on January 24, 2020 Updated on February 17, 2021