SEM-REV 2.0 preparations: Connector installation complete, cables soon to be connected at sea

Investment on the SEM-REV site continues! After receiving the site's new cables and connectors, the teams, led by INYANGA, have completed the installation of the connectors on the cables and prepared them for the installation offshore.

on April 25, 2023

As shared in our last news, these new submarine cables aim to increase SEM-REV's connection and grid injection capacity to up to 10 MW. The cables, static and dynamic, were supplied by Prysmian Group and the connectors by ETA. Inyanga Tech, as the consortium leader, is managing the logistics for the transport, assembly, storage and carrying out the studies for the installation and stability of the cables.

Following the delivery of cables and connectors, 2 preparation phases were undertaken in the Port of Saint Nazaire, before the offshore installation began:
  • The connectors were installed on the cables, which involves many phases, since each connector takes 3 days to install
  • And the cable transpooling, i.e. the transfer of each cable with its connector to a specific reel allowing for offshore installation using adapted boats

Discover the connector installation and cable preparation in pictures:

This new step brings SEM-REV closer to its objective of hosting new prototypes in the months and years to come, such as floating wind turbine demonstrators of greater power (5MW and more), like the France Atlantique project with EOLINK, or other technologies such as hydrogen production at sea with the SEALHYFE project.

Last step to come: offshore installation planned in spring 2023.
Published on April 25, 2023 Updated on June 7, 2023