Eolink awarded €14.9 million for the deployment of its 5MW floating wind turbine at the SEM-REV test site in France

Eolink, Valorem and Centrale Nantes have received €14.9m in funding from the “France 2030" funding programme. The financed project includes the manufacturing and commissioning of an innovative floating wind turbine developed by EOLINK.

on November 2, 2022

Thanks to this project, the floating wind turbine will gain maturity for commercialization. In particular, the innovative solution developed by EOLINK leads to a significant cost of energy reduction thanks to a 30% lighter floating structure.
The 5MW pre-commercial floating wind turbine will be commissioned in 2024 at SEM-REV test site, France, owned by Centrale Nantes.
Valorem is in charge of the turbine-float assembly and the Operation & Maintenance, Chantiers de l’Atlantique provides support regarding steel fabrication, while Eolink is the project designer and coordinator.

Alain Morry, Chief Commercial Officer of EOLINK: Since inception, Eolink has been fully dedicated to the design of floating wind turbines. We are glad to partner with experienced players to implement a 5 MW pre-commercial unit. It is a crucial step for the development of our company towards product bankability. We have the ambition to deliver a highly competitive solution for ongoing tenders worldwide such as Bretagne Sud and Mediterranean projects in France, or projects in the UK.

Frédéric Prévost, Director of VALEMO, Operation & Maintenance subsidiary of the VALOREM Group: Our support to EOLINK is part of the VALOREM Group strategy to increase its skills in the floating offshore wind energy. It enables Valemo to consolidate its strategic position as offshore wind operation and maintenance operator. We are also involved in the demonstrator engineering, from the turbine's assembly phase on its floater to the validation of the best performance level for the whole. VALOREM will bring to the consortium its expertise in the sourcing of wind turbine components and in the green energy production.

Jean-Baptiste Avrillier, Director of Centrale Nantes: With its offshore test site and its advanced research on Marine Renewable Energies, Centrale Nantes confirms its standing as an academic leader in the development of a new industrial sector in France.

Published on November 2, 2022 Updated on October 19, 2023