Enedis undertaking major connection work for SEM-REV

Enedis has already connected more than 536,000 renewable energy installations in the Pays de la Loire region and is committed to playing an active role in renewable energy development across France. The power grid operator has thus responded positively to the requested increase in power capacity on Centrale Nantes' offshore test site, SEM-REV.

on April 13, 2022

Enedis in the Pays de la Loire region is handling SEM-REV's request to increase in power capacity. In order to supply the offshore test site with the required capacity, more than 13 km of network must be created up to a source station. The optimum route for this new network crosses La Baule, Le Croisic, Guérande and Batz sur Mer.

Enedis has drawn up a schedule for the work after discussions and consultation with all the stakeholders, local authorities and service providers, in order to coincide with other planned works (water, public lighting and telecommunications networks), and to work in an economic and sustainable manner.


Power capacity will thus be brought up to 10MW in order to test new prototypes, primarily, new generation floating wind turbines (Eolink project), as well as concepts for manufacturing green hydrogen at sea (Lhyfe project).

The project started at the end of March with the first significant work underway during the week of 4 to 8 April in Le Croisic. An excavator was used to dig trenches for the future electricity network. Other phases of the project are planned for September and October.

> Learn more about current developments on the SEM-REV site

Published on April 21, 2022 Updated on October 19, 2023