An insight into one of the numerical simulation methods used in the LHEEA Laboratory to optimise ship performance

Jeroen Wackers, a research engineer in the METHRIC team, works on the simulation of maritime flows using the automatic mesh refinement method. These simulations provide an understanding into the interactions between a ship and its environment in real conditions in order to optimise the energy performance of ships.

on July 18, 2022

In this video, Jeroen Wackers explains his work on automated computation for the industrial simulation of maritime flows. The automatic mesh refinement method is very innovative because it simplifies the computation method, reducing both the computation time and the engineering time needed, and leads to more accurate results.

He was able to apply this automatic mesh refinement method to 3 standard ship types: a container ship, a frigate and a tanker. The results of the simulations are identical to those of more traditional methods but use far fewer hours of calculation. This method represents a significant advance, particularly in the industrial sector, as it will help naval architects to design more efficient ships more quickly. 

Watch his explanation in the video:



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Published on July 18, 2022 Updated on October 19, 2023