Accreditation to Supervise Research Antoine Ducoin - Online video

On November 22th, 2019, Antoine Ducoin (H2i team) defended his HDR (accreditation to supervise research) on "Contributions to the hydro-elastic study of flexible blades under unsteady loadings".

on March 9, 2020

This accreditation to supervise research deals with the physical analysis of fluid structure interaction over lifting bodies in hydrodynamic. The main contribution concerns the investigation of unstable boundary layer flows, and its interactions with flexible profiles made of plastic and composite materials, by using experimental and numerical methods.

The first part concerns researches on hydrofoils, which are carry out with experiments in cavitation tunnel and Navier-Stokes simulations. We study the behavior of cavitation and laminar to turbulent transition in response to transient pitching motions and body deformations and vibrations. Since 2012, we focus on transition induced vibrations for marine applications through a Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) approach coupled with simplified structural models.

Finally, applied researches are presented, where experiments in experimental basin at LHEEA laboratory of Centrale Nantes are currently carried out. It concerns first the development of composite marine propellers with specific measurements systems to study fluid structure interactions. The second topic concerns the study of unstable boundary layer flow on wind and tidal turbine blades, where direct numerical simulations are also developed.

Published on March 5, 2020 Updated on July 4, 2022