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A look back at the SOFTWIND project

The SOFTWIND project, run by Centrale Nantes, and more specifically its LHEEA and LS2N laboratories, and the company D-ICE, allows for small-scale wave-tank testing of wind turbines by overcoming the incompatibility between hydrodynamic and aerodynamic scaling. We take a look back at this project with some footage of the testing in the Centrale Nantes hydrodynamic and ocean engineering tank and interviews:

on December 9, 2020

This new set-up establishes Centrale Nantes at the forefront of research institutes capable of testing small-scale floating wind turbines with a high degree of physical realism, and of studying new control systems that disrupt existing technology. D-ICE can also use this tool to develop its innovative systems to control the hydrodynamic movement of the wind turbine in the waves by aerodynamic adjustment of the blades.

SOFTWIND is a WEAMEC project with funding from the Pays de la Loire Region.

Published on December 8, 2020 Updated on March 19, 2021