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A LHEEA-based PhD student is awarded the "Libersky Prize" for her work on the SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) method.

Arbia Ben Khodja, a Michelin CIFRE PHD student in the LHEEA Laboratory, received the Libersky Prize for the best work by a student at the 15th International SPHERIC Workshop, which was held virtually from 8 to 11 June 2021 from New York. 24 PhD students were in the running. Arbia's paper was on the "Validation of coupled SPH-FE hydroplaning simulations using PIV measurements".

on June 14, 2021

Arbia's thesis is supervised by Guillaume Oger, of the IIHNE team at LHEEA, and co-supervised by David Le Touzé, head of the IIHNE team, and Serge Simoens from the LMFA at Centrale Lyon. This thesis deals with the validation of a method for calculating the complex fluid-structure interactions involved in the aquaplaning phenomenon. In this scenario, a complex deformable structure (the tyre) is both in contact with the uneven road surface and interacting closely with the water on the road on which the tyre partly (or totally in the event of severe aquaplaning) "mounts", resulting in a very complex fluid flow around the tyre.

The Libersky Prize is awarded at every SPHERIC Workshop for the best work by a student, based on their presentations and papers, as judged by the Scientific Committee. All students who present at the Workshop are considered for the award, which is named in honour of Prof. Larry Libersky, one of the pioneers of SPH in engineering.
Published on June 15, 2021 Updated on October 27, 2022