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3 Centrale Nantes conferences during the "Mer XXL" exhibition

Centrale Nantes is taking part in the "Mer XXL" exhibition in July 2019 - as an exhibitor in the "Carré des Sciences" - but also as the organiser of 3 conferences.

from June 29, 2019 to July 10, 2019

Centrale Nantes is organising three conferences during the 12-day exhibition. Feel free to come and enjoy the exhibition on a day when you can also hear our researchers speak!


ROUND TABLE ON FLOATING OFFSHORE WIND - Floating wind turbines: a strategic sector for France - SATURDAY 29 JUNE at 2 pm

"Eternally exploited by man, the sea can still surprise us by its potential to respond to the major challenges of the energy transition. Floating wind offers the most promising potential in terms of production and energy efficiency: the further offshore you go, the stronger and more reliable the winds are. France is well-placed to become a European, and even a global leader, in this sector: with considerable wind resources as well as industrial players and technology developers across the entire value chain. At this round table find out about the potential for industrial development that this sector represents for France, and its contribution to global energy transition.




The term 'Marine Renewable Energies' refers to several energy sources of very different nature. These include offshore wind, tidal energy, energy from ocean currents, wave energy, ocean thermal energy, salinity gradient energy. All together they represent a formidable source of, as yet, largely untapped energy.
Whilst offshore wind has reached the commercial phase with respect to bottom-fixed wind turbines, (particularly in Northern Europe), the technological and commercial maturity of other sectors is more varied. During the conference, we will take stock of the different technologies and their potential for energy transition.

Aurélien Babarit heads up the Ocean Wave and Marine Renewable Energy Research Group in the LHEEA laboratory (Centrale Nantes / CNRS), and is director of the CNRS Marine Renewable Energy Research Group (GDR CNRS 3763 EMR). From 2002 to 2015, his research focused primarily on wave energy recovery. Since 2016, he has been working on offshore wind energy. Aurélien Babarit holds a master's degree in Engineering from Centrale Nantes, a PhD in Fluid Dynamics and Transfers from the University of Nantes and Centrale Nantes and is qualified to supervise research. He was a visiting professor at NTNU (Norway) in 2010-2011 and at NREL (USA) in 2016.


CONFERENCE ON "Offshore innovation means physical modelling in laboratories: what experiments are undertaken, and with what means?", by Jean-Marc Rousset - THURSDAY 4 JULY at 11.30 am

The comfort and performance of vessels, the energy production capacity of offshore devices (wind turbines, wave power devices, etc.) and the design of marine structures (dykes, bridges, etc.) are based on studies using numerical simulation, but also via experiments on models. Through different project examples, we will present the experimental methods and the testing means that are implemented in laboratories, notably those at Centrale Nantes, to contribute to the safety and energy efficiency of ships and other offshore structures.

Jean-Marc Rousset holds a PhD in fluid mechanics and works as a research engineer at the Centrale Nantes, in the LHEEA Laboratory (Centrale Nantes/CNRS). He develops test equipment and conducts experimental projects in the fields of hydrodynamics and ocean engineering for laboratory and test-site facilities.


Centrale Nantes will also be present in the "Carré des Sciences" exhibition area

"Le Carré des Sciences" brings together several key players in higher education and research: Centrale Nantes, CNRS, ENSM, Ifremer, IMT Atlantique, and the Universities of Nantes and Le Mans. Through this event, discover today's and tomorrow's research via exhibitions, games, videos, research experiments and objects.
Whether you're young or old, a beginner or an expert, passionate about the sea or just simply curious, come along and explore the exhibition's main themes: Navigate and Explore, Operate Sustainably, Understand and Study, Monitor to Preserve

Ready to immerse yourself in the maritime world? Purchase your tickets here: https://www.lamerxxl.com/

Published on June 3, 2019 Updated on March 19, 2021