Release of NEMOH v3.0.0

NEMOH is a code based on the boundary element method (BEM) for the calculation of wave loads on offshore structures. To date, 4300 users have been registered in the NEMOH v2.0 database

on January 2, 2023

NEMOH v3.0.0 is now available to the public:

NEMOH has been developed by researchers at Centrale Nantes over the last 30 years. Since its first release in January 2014, NEMOH, as the world's first open-source BEM code, has been widely used by researchers and engineers. It is most commonly used in the estimation of the dynamic response of floating structures.

Today, we are pleased to release NEMOH v3.0.0 which includes many recent developments. The first-order module allows for the elimination of irregular frequencies, and new solvers are available for the linear system, improving computational efficiency. A new extension module is provided for the calculation of quadratic transfer functions (QTF). This version will, to our knowledge, be the one and only open-source BEM software that provides the second order module.

A information leaflet is available here:


This work was carried out as part of the FLOATECH Project: The future floating wind turbines. FLOATECH is funded by the European Union and led by a consortium of 9 partners, 4 from universities and 5 companies, including Centrale Nantes. There are several work packages in this project that cover software developments on FOWT design, development of innovative control techniques combining wave prediction and anticipation of induced platform motions, validation in the wave tank and also field measurement. The developments in version 3.0.0 of NEMOH are part of Work Package 1 on Qblade-Ocean development.
Published on December 8, 2022 Updated on January 12, 2023