Aerodynamic wind tunnel

This closed-circuit aerodynamic wind tunnel has a 2.8 meter long test section and a cross-section of 0.5 x 0.5m. Small size obstacles such cylinders or airfoils can be set.  The maximum wind speed is 40 m/s. Thanks to its size, it is the perfect equipment for developing new sensors or actuators and closed-loop control laws for aerodynamic surface flow control.

It is currently being improved to be fully operational to conduct studies of this sort within the framework of the following projects: ANR SMARTEOLE, ROTOR OPTIM & ASAPe (WEAMEC project).

It is currently equipped with:

- three systems for conventional acquisition and real-time acquisition system (lantencies < 1µs) ;
- a three-axis traverse system to support Pitot or hot-wire probes;
- an aerodynamic balance (6 degrees of freedom);
- 20 unsteady pressure sensors (example of use: unsteady blade lift measurement)
Dynamic control of the rotation of an obstacle (example of use: dynamic incidence of a blade)

A new disturbance system has been developed in the aerodynamic wind tunnel of the LHEEA as part of the ROTOR OPTIM.

Published on March 28, 2017 Updated on December 10, 2018