Turbocharger test benches

Bench turbocharger

This installation makes possible to trace the characteristic fields of turbomachines (compressors and turbines) and to test their performance. The air source that drives the turbine consists of 2 Mauguière compressors in parallel. The first is a MAVD1000 compressor with a variable speed of 75 kW. The second is a 45 kW compressor.

The maximum available flow is 1200 Nm3 / hour. The air is then dried and then filtered. Two 144 kW electric heater then brings the air to the desired temperature. The installation was used to characterize the heat exchanges in the turbine and their influence on the performance of the turbocharger. A local study of the LDA flows into and out of the turbomachines was also carried out in order to understand the relationship between a local deformation of the velocity field and a modification of the performance of the machine.


Cylinder head bench

This test bench allows to test cylinder heads in static operation (determination of the discharge coefficients as a function of the lift) but also in dynamic operation, thanks to a fast rotary actuator which makes it possible to generate a valve opening.

Pulsed bench

It allows, via the drive of the cylinder head, to generate periodic waves similar to those that are found on an engine. This bench can operate on 1, 2 or 4 cylinders, and can be coupled to another system (turbocharger test bench).
Published on March 28, 2017 Updated on January 22, 2021