TSM-Thermodynamics of internal combustion engines

The research focus of the TSM research group is the modeling and experimental characterization of complex energy systems with the aim of reducing fossil fuel consumption and polluting emissions.

The group has established strong links with the industrial environment, since its field of research has strong societal and environmental impacts.

Its research is organized around 4 research topics:
  • Gas dynamics and cylinder filling: cylinder air filling or interacting with unsteady compressible flows within intake or exhaust systems
  • Turbomachinery: modeling of turbochargers on all types of engines
  • Combustion in engines and pollutant emissions: combustion process and pollutant formation
  • System interaction and hybridization: modeling and simulation of alternative propulsion methods
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Main experimental means of the group

The TSM group uses three main items of equipment, used both in academic research for theses, but also in the context of contractual applications:

  • Engine test benches: The engine test benches have conventional instrumentation such as engine speed, pressure, temperature, cylinder pressure, but also fuel balance and pollutants measurement systems, to quantify engine emissions and the quality of combustion.
  • Turbocharger test benches: These benches are used to test and characterize turbochargers in a controlled environment, outside the influence of the engine.
  • Vehicle test bench: This test bench allows a complete 4-wheel drive vehicle to be tested in dynamic operation. It can be used to replace road tests with reproducible tests in a controlled environment. It can test vehicles with a power output of 260 kW per axle.
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Industrial chairs

The TSM group partners with industrialists within the framework of Industrial Chairs. It is currently associated with two industrial chairs:

  • Renault-Siemens (Simulation, control and development of internal combustion engines and innovative propulsion systems)
  • Mann + Hummel (Innovative intake systems and thermo-management)
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Published on March 27, 2017 Updated on July 16, 2018