H2i-Hydrodynamics, Interfaces and Interactions

The H2I research group is studying complex hydrodynamic flows in interaction with marine structures.

The group's research can be applied to problems in marine engineering (naval, offshore, EMR) and performance or safety of marine structures. The research group also works on experimental and numerical modeling of the dynamic behavior of marine structures and systems (ships, wind and hydroelectric platforms, submarines, sailboats, etc.) under the effect of external forces (waves, winds, currents ...) or internal (Safran, mobile appendices ...).

The group is organized around 4 main research axes:

  • Swell / structure interaction
  • Complex interfaces flows
  • Hydroelasticity
  • Flows around rotating machines, wind and hydro turbines

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The research of the H2I group is carried out using numerical and experimental methods.

Industrial Chair and Joint Laboratory

The H2i group is also involved in the research work of an industrial chair and a joint laboratory:

  • Bureau Veritas/Centrale Nantes Chair on ships of the future
  • Joint Laboratory of Marine Technology, Naval Group (formerly DCNS), Centrale Nantes and Nantes University
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Published on March 27, 2017 Updated on July 16, 2018