The LHEEA is member of several national and international research networks:

THeoREM - unparalleled research infrastructure in Europe

[legende-image]1488297227225[/legende-image] Ifremer and Centrale Nantes have combined their test resources to create the THeoREM Research Infrastructure and provide France with unparalleled marine engineering resources in Europe.

THeoREM networks the marine engineering test facilities of the two institutions, in order to carry out research activities and collaborative projects with manufacturers based in France and abroad. THeoREM brings together Centrale Nantes' ocean test facilities (3 tanks of different capacities) and its SEM-REV offshore test site, with Ifremer's testing tank - equipped with wave and wind generators - and its Sainte-Anne du Portzic site in Plouzané (near Brest), as well as its swell and current tank at Boulogne-sur-Mer.

The LHEEA is also at the initiative of the Research Group on Renewable Marine Energy (GDR CNRS 3763), which aims to structure the academic community on Renewable Marine Energies.
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Published on March 21, 2017 Updated on October 18, 2018