MRE exhibition

MRE exhibition

Why floating wind turbines? What are the impacts of the MRE on the fauna, the flora and the bottom of the ocean? How to get back the energy of the currents? What is the world resource for the wave energy ? How to get back the produced energy?

The laboratory LHEEA of Centrale Nantes, a mixed unit of research associated with the CNRS, created an educational exhibition bound for the general public, the high school students and the students. The exhibition aims at introducing to the general public the various types of emergent Marine Renewable Energy, at describing the principles of functioning as well as the degree of maturity of the technologies involvements, while underlining the technological and scientific challenges which remain to raise.

8 thematic spaces allow to illustrate these subjects:

  • Floating wind energy: get back the wind energy at sea
  • Tidal energy: get back the energy of the currents
  • Wave power: get back the wave energy
  • Hybridization: combine the uses or the recycling of several energies on the same platform
  • Stakes in the electrical connection of parks marine renewable energies
  • Economic and environmental impacts
  • Experimental and digital search tools
  • Trainings in Pays de la Loire in connection with the marine renewable energies
This exhibition is gracefully put at the disposal in any structure which would be interested in its use.
Exhibition conceived and realized by the laboratory LHEEA (Centrale Nantes - CNRS), within the framework of the international scientific conference EWTEC with the financial support of:

For any request, contact Sandrine Jamet:

Visits of test facilities

Every year, you can visit the test facilities of the laboratory, within the framework of the “Fête de la Science”, during the open doors of Centrale of Nantes. Come to see Ocean basin, Engine test bench and Atmospheric wind tunnel. You can also meet the researchers and understand their missions.

The next edition will take place on Saturday, October 7th, 2017.
In the program: visits, meetings, conferences, round table …
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