Research projects & collaborations

The LHEEA is involved in many research projects and collaborations.


The FORESEA project was launched to help enterprises test and demonstrate low carbon energy technologies in real sea environments at the following test infrastructures. SEM-REV participates in FORESEA alongside other European sites on the Atlantic coast with an international dimension: EMEC in Scotland, Smart Bay in Ireland and Tidal Testing Center in the Netherlands.
Two new technologies will already be tested at the SEM-REV sea site in 2017, developed by Geps Techno and Pytheas Technology.


MaRINET2 aims to help industry accelerate the development of offshore renewable energy technologies and infrastructure by opening up access to 57 test facilities across 13 European countries, including the hydrodynamics and ocean engineering tank (HOET) and the sea test site SEMREV, both run by the LHEEA from Centrale Nantes.


The objective of the FLOATGEN project is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of floating-wind turbines, in order to expand the development potential of offshore wind farms into windier and deeper waters that are not currently commercially viable and demonstrate the potential to cut costs in electricity generation. The project will also assess the performance of such combinations of wind turbines and floating structure technology to inform and improve the performance of future up-scaling projects of this technology.

The project includes the construction, installation and testing of a demonstrator consisting in a 2 MW horizontal axis wind turbine on a ring-shaped surface-floating platform designed by IDEOL. The floating system will be installed at SEM-REV, the Centrale Nantes offshore test site, located 12 nautical miles from the city of Le Croisic on the French Atlantic coast. 


SARAH (Increased Safety & Robust Certification for ditching of Aircrafts & Helicopters) is a Horizon 2020 collaborative project, aiming at establishing novel holistic, simulation-based approaches to the analysis of aircraft and helicopter ditching. The LHEEA is in charge of the one test campaign focused on helicopters, it will be carried out at the Ocean Tank.


The Marine Energy Alliance aims to progress the combined technical and commercial maturity level of 40 SMEs by delivering a suite of bespoke integrated technical and commercial services.

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Published on March 22, 2017 Updated on October 19, 2018