Director: Pierre FERRANT

​Deputy Director: David LE TOUZE

Financial and administrative manager: Anne LAGATU

Project manager and human resources : Clémence GABORIEAU

Research support

Secretary-managers: Sonia LAMBERT / Élodie LIZEDenisse LERMA 

Computer engineers: Adrien GRELLIER / Vincent DEGAT

Training correspondent: Pascal KERAVEC

Communications officer: Sandrine JAMET

SEM-REV Project officer: Sarah VERJUX

Prevention officer (Laboratory coordination, Building G et SEM-REV): Stéphane LAMBERT

Prevention officer (Building D): Bruno PETTINOTTI

Prevention officer (Building H): Patrick PANNIER

Prevention officer (Building MN): François ROIGNANT
Published on March 21, 2017 Updated on January 30, 2018