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LHEEA's mini-seminar 08/11/2018 : "Experimental testing of model scale floating wind turbines : real-time hybrid numerical-physical methodology" by Vincent Arnal

The LHEEA organizes mini-seminars every Thursday at 1.45pm. in the D001 room. Open to all!

On November 8, 2018 from 13:45 To 14:30

This week 13h45 en D001, Vincent Arnal, PhD in the EMO team, will present his work on :

"Experimental testing of model scale floating wind turbines : real-time hybrid numerical-physical methodology",

a collaborative work between EMO and Bassin teams.

Experimental testing of Floating wind turbines in a wave tank is still an essential stage for the validation of floater's design and for validation/calibration of hydrodynamic models.
While the Ocean Engineering wave tank of the LHEEA has a high-level quality wave generation system, up until now only a wind generating systems with large fans and a honeycomb could be used to reproduce the rotor response. This method has inherent issues.
Hybrid model testing of floating wind turbine is a promising alternative for correctly reproducing the rotor response.
In this approach, waves are still physically generated on a physical floating substructure while rotor response is emulated through a set of actuators coupled to a numerical simulator that computes in real time the aerodynamic loads.

During this mini-seminar, specifications for the actuators obtained from numerical simulations with OpenFAST will be presented, as well as the first test bench :  a 6 degrees of freedom hexapod reproduces at model scale pre-computed motions of a floating wind turbine while an aircraft turbine reproduces in real-time the aerodynamic forces.

The presentation will be followed by a demonstration of the first test bench.
Published on November 7, 2018 Updated on November 7, 2018