Mini-séminaire du LHEEA 28/02/2019 : "6DOF behavior of an offshore racing trimaran in an unsteady environment" par Paul Kerdraon (H2i)

Le Laboratoire de recherche en Hydrodynamique, Énergétique et Environnement Atmosphérique de Centrale Nantes (LHEEA) organise des mini-séminaires. Allez-y, c'est ouvert à tous !

Le 28 février 2019 de 13:45 à 14:30

Le 28 février 2019 de 13:45 à 14:30

Cette semaine à 13h45 en C006,  Paul Kerdraon, équipe H2i fera une présentation sur :

"6DOF behavior of an offshore racing trimaran in an unsteady environment"

Seminar Abstract:

While in recent years the use of hydrofoils has experienced a substantial growth, sailing yachts traditional design tools such as Velocity Prediction Programs (VPP) have proven inadequate to help architects and engineers with performance tradeoffs which now include specific stability issues related to these foils. The quest for performance also demands a better account of the unsteadiness of the environment in which the offshore yachts evolve.       
Time-domain analysis and system-based modeling allow for an improved understanding of the controllability and dynamic stability of given geometries, enabling to adapt and refine the design. This talk presents such a dynamic simulation tool, based on the superposition of several loads components, computed from either numerical, empirical or analytical models.          
Two example simulations of an offshore trimaran are presented. The first case shows a simple bearaway maneuver and compares two sail tuning strategies, while the second one presents the yacht evolution in unsteady wind demonstrating how in varying conditions the boat may reach attitudes that widely differ from the steady ones.
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