METHRIC-Projects and partnerships

  • Since 2006, a special valuation action has been carried out between Centrale Nantes, CNRS and NUMECA International around the FINE / Marine software. Applications have resulted from the use of this software, notably in the context of the last America's Cup and the 35th (challenges Oracle Team USA, Emirates Team New Zealand and Groupama Team France) The year 2013) or the Galactica Star (World Super Yacht Award 2014). This action is included in the "Top Ten" of CNRS valuation since 2012.> More about the ISI-CFD software
  • Research and development agreement with K-Epsilon: Fluid / Structure coupling between the ISIS-CFD fluid solver and the ARA code applied to thin structures (rigging, membranes, ...)
  • Research agreement with INRIA: ISIS-CFD fluid solver exchange and INRIA FAMOSA optimization platform for optimization and control of delamination.
  • Research agreement with the CREPS of the Pays de la Loire: collaboration for the purpose of maintaining permanent relations between the CREPS and researchers at the École Centrale de Nantes Laboratories To work on the theme of sport and in particular on water sports.
  • Inter-regional projects: META, Analysis, prediction and optimization of sailing ships in partnership with Benjamin Muyl Design, JOVEN by Frank Camas and Guillaume Verdier Naval Architecture. SOKA: Simulation and Optimization of Canoe-Kayaks with INSEP, FFCK and INRIA.
  • Research agreement with the CNR-INSEAN (Italy) for the RANSE / BEM coupling with the PRO-INS solver of the Italian CNR-INSEAN.
  • Member of GDR n ° 2502 «Control of the detachments» of the CNRS.
  • Member of GDR n ° 2902 "Fluid / Structure interaction" of the CNRS.
  • International NATO-AVT Project: The work of the working group of this collaborative international project under the aegis of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) brings together leading aerodynamic and hydrodynamic research teams from member nations of the NATO and aims to evaluate the simulation capabilities of digital tools for the design of both airborne and land and sea vehicles. The acronym AVT stands for "Applied Vehicule Technology" and 13 institutes are involved in conducting measurements (EFD) and simulations (CFDs).
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