EMO-Projects and partnerships

Ongoing collaborative projects

Softwind (2017-2019)

Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA
Funder: WEAMEC/Région Pays de la Loire
Partners : D-ICE/LS2N

The SOFTWIND project will contribute to a better understanding of the behavior of floating wind turbine and especially of the influence of the turbine control on the overall dynamics. It will provide a robust and accurate validation tool that will help both developers and researchers to accelerate their developments, and mose specially with regard to the optimization of the compromises between stability, aging of the structure, and electrical production.

Floateole (2017-2021)

Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA
Funder: WEAMEC/Région Pays de la Loire
Partners: D-ICE/Idéol

FLOATEOLE project illustrates the objective of the research lab in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric Environment (LHEEA) to contribute, through a multidisciplinary approach, to the optimization of floating wind turbines operation by studying the consequences of the wave/wind/structure coupling on the performance and durability of the wind energy converters subjected to harsh and non-deterministic operating conditions.

The goal of the project is to combine wind tunnel and full-scale offshore experiments in order to characterize the wave influence on the aerodynamic behavior of the floating wind turbines and on their wake development.

Joint Laboratory of Marine Technology

Naval Group (formerly DCNS), Centrale Nantes and the University of Nantes officially announced the creation of a joint laboratory for industry and research.  The Joint Laboratory of Marine Technology will ensure that Naval Group remains constantly at the cutting edge of advanced naval military technologies.
More informations about the JLMT


Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA;
Partners: MIO, Sirenha, DGA-TH

FUI/OPTIROUTE (2016–2019)

Coordinator: Hydrocéan
Partners: Adrena, Bureau Veritas, CMA CGM, STX France Solutions, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA, ENSM, Ifremer

IA/Labex MER (2011 – 2019)

Coordinator: UBO

Network of academic labs. Its objective is to combine the best researchers in marine sciences and marine technologies to strengthen the knowledge and the understanding of the ocean space behaviour in the particular context of climate change.

Disturb - ANR Défi des autres savoirs (2017-2021)

Partners: LPS (ENS), LHEEA (Centrale Nantes), MSC (Paris-Diderot), SPEC  (CEA)

Properties of large scales in hydrodynamic turbulence and wave turbulence (large scales are defined as scales larger than the forcing scale) : observation of flux towards large scales, thermalisation or inverse cascade

S3 (2017-2020)

Funder: ADEME
Coordinator: SBM Offshore
Partners: Centrale Nantes, IFPEN

In the S3 project, the EMO group explores a new concept for deterministic wave prediction for control and optimization of energy production of wave energy converters. The method consists in measuring the horizontal velocity profile in the water column. This measurement is used as the wavemaker boundary condition in the HOS_NWT code. Then, wave prediction is achieved by running the HOS_NWT code.

WEREVER (2017-2020)

Funders: ADEME, Région Pays de la Loire
Coordinator : Centrale Nantes
Partner : Université de Nantes

This project aims at exploring the potential of a new concept for far-offshore wind energy conversion. The concept consists in autonomous sailing ships (energy ships) or sailing wind turbines. The converters being mobile, the produced energy is stored aboard (for example by converting the produced electricity into hydrogen through water electrolysis). When the energy storage tanks are full, the converters sail to an on-shore terminal for unloading the stored energy.
The far-offshore wind energy resource is huge. It is currently not exploited because grid-connected offshore wind turbines cannot be deployed in the far-offshore (>1000kms) because of grid-connection and moorings costs. Thus, the new technology developed in the WEREVER project could be complementary to conventional grid-connected offshore wind turbines while unlocking a great new renewable energy source. Moreover, this new technology could be a breakthrough for hydrogen production from renewables because of the high capacity factor that could be achieved by optimally weather-routing the far-offshore wind energy converters.

WEAMEC/FRyDoM (2016-2018)

Centrale Nantes/LHEEA
Funder: WEAMEC/Région Pays de la Loire/Nantes Métropole
Partners: D-ICE/LS2N/SEM-REV

Develop an open source framework for the modelling and the numerical simulation of complex floating offshore systems and marine operations.

Recent collaborative projects

H2020/Oceanet (2013-2017): European network of PhD training in wind energy at sea and wave energy

Coordinator: WavEC Offshore Renewables
Partners: IST , Uppsala Universitet, MARIN, UCC, The University of Exeter, Fraunhofer, ECN/LHEEA, Tecnalia

IA/IRT Jules Verne/SimAvHy (2012-2017)

Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA(H2I)

Région Pays de la Loire/SEASTORAGE (2014-2017)

Coordinateur : CEA Tech
Partenaires: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA

Sizing and optimization of energy storage systems in a wave energy farm for its integration to the electricity grid.

SATT Ouest Valorisation/TURBHO (2015-2016)

Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA

Maturation of an innovative system for generating wave and current in wave tanks tank with axial flow pumps.

ANR BLANC2012/TURBULON (2012–2016)

Coordinator: MSC
Partners: GIT, LPS, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA

IA/IRT JV, HYSMAR (2012-2015)

Coordinator: HYDROCEAN (check)
Partners: IRT JV, ALSTOM, Bureau Veritas, Naval Group, HYDROCEAN, STW, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA

ANR MN2011/MONACOREV (2012-2015)

Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA
Partners: Hydrocéan, LHSV, EDF R&D

Methods and numerical tools for the numerical simulation of the dynamic response and impacts of wave energy systems isolated and in farms.


Coordinator: SATIE
Partners: IRCCyN, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA, SYDEV

FP7/MARINA Platform (2010 – 2014)

Coordinator: Acciona
Partners: NTNU, Statoil, Edinburgh University, UCC, DTU, DONG Energy, Fraunhofer, CWC, 1-Tech, Technip, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA, Tecnalia, University of Algarve, Progeco, NKUA.

Design and numerical and experimental analysis of hybrid wind and wave energy platforms.
Videos of experiments carried out during the MARINA project: Vidéo1Vidéo 2

Industrial projects and expertises for:

INNOSEA, SOLIDEO Ingénierie, NREL, IFPEN, SATT Ouest Valorisation, Abengoa, Waves Ruiz, France Energies Marines, Alstom Hydro, EDF R&D, SBM, Corpower, Bosch Rexroth, Cabinet Merlin, Naval Group, SENER…
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