EMO-Projects and partnerships

Ongoing collaborative projects

> WEAMEC/FRyDoM (2016-2018)
Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA
Objective: To develop an open source framework for the modelling and the numerical simulation of complex floating offshore systems and marine operations

Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA; Partners: MIO, Sirenha, DGA-TH

> FUI/OPTIROUTE (2016–2019)
Coordinator : Hydrocéan ; Partners: Adrena, Bureau Veritas, CMA CGM, STX France Solutions, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA, ENSM, Ifremer

> Région Pays de la Loire/SEASTORAGE (2014-2017)
Coordinator: CEA Tech; Partners: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA
Sizing and optimization of energy storage systems in a wave energy farm for its integration to the electricity grid.

> H2020/Oceanet (2013-2017) European network of PhD training in wind energy at sea and wave energy.
Coordinator: WavEC Offshore Renewables; Partners: IST , Uppsala Universitet, MARIN, UCC, The University of Exeter, Fraunhofer, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA, Tecnalia
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> IA/IRT Jules Verne/SimAvHy (2012-2017)
Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA(H2I) ; Partners: IRT JV, ECN/LHEEA

> ANR BLANC2012/TURBULON (2012–2016)
Coordinator: MSC ; Partners: GIT, LPS, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA
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> IA/Labex MER (2011 – 2019)
Network of academic labs. Its objective is to combine the best researchers in marine sciences and marine technologies to strengthen the knowledge and the understanding of the ocean space behaviour in the particular context of climate change.
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Recent collaborative projects

>SATT Ouest Valorisation/TURBHO (2015-2016)

Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA
Maturation of an innovative system for generating wave and current in wave tanks tank with axial flow pumps.

> IA/IRT JV, HYSMAR (2012-2015)
Coordinator: HYDROCEAN (check) ; Partners: IRT JV, ALSTOM, Bureau Veritas, Naval Group, HYDROCEAN, STW, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA

> ANR MN2011/MONACOREV (2012-2015)
Coordinator: Centrale Nantes/LHEEA ; Partners: Hydrocéan, LHSV, EDF R&D
Methods and numerical tools for the numerical simulation of the dynamic response and impacts of wave energy systems isolated and in farms.

> ANR PROGELEC2011/QUALIPHE (2012-2015)
Coordinateur : SATIE ; Partenaires : IRCCyN, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA, SYDEV
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>FP7/MARINA Platform (2010 – 2014)
Coordinator: Acciona ; Partners: NTNU, Statoil, Edinburgh University, UCC, DTU, DONG Energy, Fraunhofer, CWC, 1-Tech, Technip, Centrale Nantes/LHEEA, Tecnalia, University of Algarve, Progeco, NKUA
Design and numerical and experimental analysis of hybrid wind and wave energy platforms.
Videos of experiments carried out during the MARINA project: Vidéo1Vidéo 2

Industrial projects and expertises for:

INNOSEA, SOLIDEO Ingénierie, NREL, IFPEN, SATT Ouest Valorisation, Abengoa, Waves Ruiz, France Energies Marines, Alstom Hydro, EDF R&D, SBM, Corpower, Bosch Rexroth, Cabinet Merlin, Naval Group, SENER…
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