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Mini-séminaire du LHEEA 19/10/2017: "Grid convergence studies using adaptive grid refinement", Jeroen Wackers

Le Laboratoire de recherche en Hydrodynamique, Énergétique et Environnement Atmosphérique de Centrale Nantes (LHEEA) organise des mini-séminaires tous les jeudis midi. Rendez-vous en salle de télé-enseignement au bâtiment D jeudi 19 octobre à 13h45. Allez-y, c'est ouvert à tous !

Le 19 octobre 2017 de 13:45 à 14:30

Le 19 octobre 2017 de 13:45 à 14:30

Au programme :

>>  Jeroen Wackers (METHRIC) will present his work on "Grid convergence studies using adaptive grid refinement"

Abstract : "Grid convergence studies form a classical approach to error estimation for CFD and consist of extrapolating the grid-independent solution from a series of simulations on coarse to fine grids. The difficulty of this technique is that for a succesful extrapolation, series of grids are required which have the same relative cell sizes and the same cell orientations in every location. This requirement is hard to fulfill for unstructured grids, since unstructured grid generators rarely allow sufficient control over the cell sizes and orientations.

This problem can be solved with adaptive mesh refinement. For the right choice of the refinement criterion, the cell sizes everywhere vary proportionally to a single global threshold parameter. Therefore, simply varying this parameter between computations creates a series of coarse to fine grids. Two test cases, a 2D airfoil and the 3D KVLCC2 tanker, are used to show that such series of grids can be combined with standard error estimation techniques to produce usable uncertainty estimates in a simple and straightforward way."
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